Integration over API/IFTT


I’m considering getting NUKI to automate management of dance studio hourly rentals.
In this scenario I have an online booking system that would need to call NUKI (either via API or IFTT over the Internet) to generate new access codes for paid bookings. Of course I assume having a NUKI Lock paired with Keypad and Bridge in the venue.

I would like to get guidance regarding whether this is currently possible via IFTT and whether I could actually do it via APIs (and roughly what would be involved).


  • Can this be done via IFTT now (can’t see the app itself not having the hardware)?
  • If dealing with APIs, should I talk to the cloud web app or devices to actually order codes generation?
  • If devices, do I talk to Keypad, Bridge or the smartlock?
  • Do I actually send the codes or instruct keypad/lock to generate codes?
  • Could you point me to the specific APIs?

Thank you very much for your support.

For you described setup Web API should be the way to go:

All codes are set, stored and checked directly at the Smart Lock.

IFTTT can not handle such complex cases.

BTW: Sorry, for the late answers atm, but we have school holidays here and some of the team - including me :wink: - are on vacation. So I can give more details on next Monday, when back in office