Impossible to change WiFi on bridge

Hi, since two weeks I’m having big problems with my Nuki Bridge:

  1. I cannot change the WiFi network, it is “stuck” to the network which it is connected to now. If I chose another network it says “Cannot connect” in the app and I have to go back to the original network. Bad situation, as I want to install a WiFi extender with different SSID near the Nuki bridge.
  2. Cannot set DHCP to off in the bridge. It always say “invalid network configuration” although I am 100% sure the network configuration I entered is valid
    So I am forced to use DHCP and cannot assign a static address to the bridge.
  3. It does not update the firmware. Firmware is stuck at 1.13.1 although latest firmware should be 2.4.21.
  4. Bridge is slow in responding, remote operation of the lock takes longer than before (2 weeks ago). Did not change anything in my network.

I know this forum is not meant for direct support, but I already contacted the support 2 weeks ago (!), sent them a reminder one week ago (!) , but they do not show any reaction. I am very disappointed from the support, so I am trying to find a solution here.


Please give it another try. We had some changes in the support processes recently and they should be much more responsive now.

1.x.y = Bridge with hardware rev. 1
2.x.y = Bridge with hardware rev. 2

Your bridge has the most recent version for hardware revision 1. There is no update available.

Thanks for replying, Jürgen.
Honestly, how long would you be willing to wait when you need technical support if a device is refusing to work as intended? Three weeks? One month? I am not talking about a few days, it is really 2 weeks without any feedback now, only a confirmation mail directly after I opened the ticket.
Changing processes should speed things up, not bring them to standstill.