IFTTT is not working correct

Hi, i have the Smartlock 2.0 and am using IFTTT Pro.

My Triggers are “if someone arrives home” and “someome leaves home” but have the Problem, that this ist not working properly.

2 examples:

Yesterday my Wife left home with Lock’n Go at 7.30 and came back with auto unlock at 8.00. IFTTT triggered both, lock’n Go and auto unlock at 8.00.

Today i came home hat 15.00 and ifttt triggered my auto unlock at 18.30…

Both protocols, nuki app and Web are correct.

Any idea how i can solve this problem?

Thanks, Tim

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I am also having trouble with IFTTT. I have an applet which makes a web request when the door is opened or closed. Most of the time this works as expected, but sometimes it is triggered multiple times each time the door is opened.

For example: last night the IFTTT log showed eight “opens” and “closes” with the timestamp 00:12 and 00:13. The Nuki activity log showed four (ie two opens and two closes), which is correct. My Home Assistant system did receive eight web requests from IFTTT, so this is not a logging issue.

I wonder if the bridge is having trouble handling a quick succession of events? Or perhaps this is something to do with the slight delay in executing IFTTT applets?

Ive had more issues than usual these last couple of days too. More specifically that ifttt applets not being triggered. Not sure if it’s issues on IFTTT side or nuki server side

@timmeyyy @Stiltjack @Svenning
Thanks for you feedback. If you could send me you Apple version ID (i.e. the specific one for your user) I can check IFTTT Logs for the last 48 hours for errors/strange behaviour or against times when events should have happend, to hopefully get more insight.