Iftt latency


Since 10 days, I am experiencing an higher than usual latency in ifft applets triggered by my openers. The latency can reach 7 8 minutes, making the applets unreliable for my use.
From Ifttt they said that there is an issue from your side that you are trying to solve. Is this correct?
Are there alternative way to send URL command to other devices from an opener posting the user activating the opener?

Hi @Matteo_Hary!

IFTTT support reffered to Nuki fails to trigger IFTTT - no error message, which we could solve yesterday afternoon. They also informed us about an Opener inquiry like yours, which could be due to the same reason. Please recheck the delay on your service in the next days and get back to us if you still see the same issues for your Opener!

An alternative would be to use our Bridge HTTP API to send callbacks to a local Smart Home system.


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