How Can I install a Beta Firmware?

Hey there,
I sent Smartlock ID and also bridge to nuki support and also got feedback that I can use beta…
but where can I find beta firmware now?
The Mail already was in june…
Can anyone tell me? Smartlock stil shows up fw 2.7.3

Same question!

The Firmware (if available) will show up in the Nuki App (notification within 24 hours or just check manually for it at “Manage Smart Lock”) like public firmware versions.

I should be on the Beta program but have not received beta firmware updates.

For the Smart Lock 2.0 the latest public firmware is 2.7.30 and the latest beta firmware is 2.8.3.

If you send me your device ID via PM I can check if everything is set correctly on our server-side for the beta-updates.