Hi to deactivate Nuki web

How can I deactivate Nuki web for my Nuki lock? It is registered to an account I don’t have access to but the button still says Activate Nuki Web which makes no sense as it’s already active.

Please contact our support at contact@nuki.io or via phone for help on this issue.

That doesn’t help at all. I don’t want to talk to some random support person in a random callcenter that can’t help me anyway. At least I hope he can’t help me because otherwise it would mean that they have more access to my lock at my place remotely than I have with physical access and that would be really disturbing. All I want to do is reset the Web activation either by generating a new keypair, device id or whatever, I don’t care.

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To check what went wrong in your case (as this should not happen) we will at least need your Smart Lock ID. Such a case will be handled by our internal support staff who will contact you back.

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