Golmar t-5822vd (bus) opener issue


I need some help with connecting the opener with the Golmar T-5822vd. It only has two wires in the Bus insert. See photo. Does anyone know how to connect this?

Many thanks!

I tried to use the genereic (bus) setup. But in the last step it asks to ring the bell and to confirm that it has rung, but then I get a screen that I have to use an alternative setup. But then I come in an infinite loop where I need to do the same setup all over again.

Did you ever get it figured out?? If so, please post pics!!


Hey Francesco Ramettaframetta I have the same device.

Were you able to get it to work?

I got it to work! Thanks to help from JungleDev and a description by Nuki Support.

Apparently this is how to set up the Golmar T-5822VD (bus) for the Nuki Opener:

Your current setup might vary:

  1. Simple wiring. Just two wires going into the BUS connections.
  2. Complex wiring. Multiple wires connected for extra features like on floor doorbell etc.

In both setups, all you need to do is connect two wires from the Nuki Opener to the left side BUS connections in the intercom.

  • Black wire from Nuki Opener goes into the left slot of the left BUS connection
  • Red wire from Nuki Opener goes into the right slot of the left BUS connection

(See picture)

Then when setting up choose the intercom Brand and Type select Generic (Bus).

Follow the instructions and you’re all set!

Please mind:

  • with analog intercom systems you can simply use the Nuki Opener to open the door at any time
  • with Bus type openers like the Golmar T-5822VD you need to ring the door bell first to open the communication channel between doorbell and intercom. Then for 40 seconds after ringing the door bell you will have an open communication channel for the Nuki Opener to open the door. It might take a few seconds for the communication channel to establish.

Hi guys, I am looking into the same intercom and I am a bit stuck.

I connected Black/Red to the left bus. This are all cables I have connected, nothing on HZ like the yellow/green Patrick has in the pictures.

Might this be the issue?

I solved that puzzle, my intercom is wired incorrectly.

So I changed the nuki cables red to left, and black to right. This solved my issue of not getting a signal.

Hope this will help someone!