Glitch in the autolock mechanism


We are using the new Nuki 2.0 + bridge. This Nuki has a doorsensor as you know and if we use the autolock funtion with the auto-unlock geofencing the door is locked after the time-out (3 seconds). Normally this is good but the autolock function does it even when the door is open! And this should be avoid when the doorsensor gives the ‘open’ signal, the autolock function should only be active when the door is closed?

Or do I forget some hidden function?

Best regards, Jan Theo Hoekstra

Mine is working the same way.

Same issue here, glad to see I’m not the only one

The problem did arise here to. The problem: Door sensor not accurate recording the position of the door. Especialy if the door is almost, but nog fully closes.
I have solved this by riseing the magnet a little from the doorpost by placeing it on a small piece of wood. So the magnet is more placed to the edge of the Nuki housing.
After re-calibrating the doorsensor the problem was solved. Even when only a creditcard space between open or closed door.

Picture enclosed shows the magnet place according to the Nuki.

In our case the doorsensor works perfectly, the sensor is also ‘ceditcard thickness’ near the Nuki lock. The sensor works flawless but even when the App register an open door the autolock is fired, and that is in my opinion an ‘glitch’. The Autolock should check if the door is open before firing the autolock mechanism…

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