Found a way to unlock nuki locks and opener over Google-Assistant and/or Alexa WITHOUT NEED TO SAY PIN!

I finally found a way to unlock my nuki locks and opener with voice over Google-Assistant and/or Alexa, without the need to say the pin code anymore, - Google/Alexa dont ask for it anymore, and unlocking will be executed! BUT, this can be a very security issue if not handled well and with much caution, so I am really not sure if I should post how to do this here (or anywhere)!? I am really not sure about this!?

Well, if it’s up to me, I’d say “yes, please!”. I specifically bought the opener for two things: 1) voice control 2) having the freedom to program my own remote/button indoors, etc.

The latter isn’t working yet as there seems to be an issue pairing the Opener to Homey and I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to solve that, and the first one just plain doesn’t seem possible so I STILL need to input a pin in my Google Hub. That’s not what I bought it for. I was hoping I could get around that through a Homey flow, but as that also doesn’t seem to work right now… well, you can imagine my disappointment.

I think you can post this with no fear, these security rules come from Google/Amazon (for good reason). But there are cases where it is completely fine. I also use it with Alexa and no PIN in connection with Home Assistant (but works with every other home automation service) plus there are probably other ways.

Hi, can you please share the solution at least as a private message ?



¿Can you share this information with me?