Firmware v2.X.X availability for Nuki v1

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is the latest v2.X.X firmware also available on the v1 Lock?

If yes, I am not able to update. I have tried an iPhone 8 and XS with Nuki App v2.1.0. Previously I had some issues updating to v1.7.3 but those were resolved with an app update.

Thanks for coming back to me.

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Firmware-versions 2.x.x are only targeted at the Smart Lock 2.0

The newest FW-version for Smart Lock 1.0 is 1.7.3 and updates will always take place independently of each other.

Hey Stephan,

excellent. Thanks! That’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Maybe you could put that as a side note to the release notes as it was not clear to me.

Is the bluetooth API the same nevertheless for v1 and v2 or will they differ? I am asking since all documentation for v1 have been removed as far as I can tell.

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The Bluetooth API is the same for both versions.
You can find an updated version - which also covers new parts for Smart Lock 2.0 (Door sensor, UTC, etc.) - here:

changelog for API v.2

(New) PDFs can also be downloaded there, but the main idea is to have HTML-versions of the documentation here for quick fixes and only update the PDFs for new versions or necessary corrections.

EDIT: Old download-links (at least of the last PDF-version) should be forwarded to the new HTML-version. If you have any dead links, please send them to me via PM so I can make sure they are fixed.