Firmware-Update: Nuki Smart Lock 2.3.10

The next big release for the Smart Lock firmware (a lot of you helped testing in the latest beta versions) is now public, finally:

  • Fixes some issues with Lock & Go via button on the Smart Lock
  • When canceling “open door” the clutch is now correctly disengaged
  • The Smart Lock now more often recovers itself from an undefined condition
  • Should fix an issue where the internal time deviates from the actual time within a very short time
  • Fixes an issues with the LED indication of maintenance mode
  • Fixes an error in the motor control that could have caused the motor to run very slowly
  • Fixes an issue with the HTTP-API where lock commands have not been synced with Nuki Web and Callbacks
  • Fixes the issue of endless pulling of the latch when the holding time is set to 0
  • A manual pull of the latch is now also detected and logged
  • General improvements to the power consumption of the Smart Lock in standby
  • General improvements to the door sensor

Please update if your Smart Lock still has the last public firmware (2.3.0/2.3.1)

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The public version is now 2.3.11 which just fixes a small bag of the LED ring which occurred.