Firmware Update: Bridge Beta 2.2.2 / 1.12.1

We released a new beta firmware for the Nuki Bridge which contains:

  • General preparations for the Nuki Opener
  • A new deviceType in the Bridge API (also in preparation for the opener)

All defaults are set to fall back to current standards, so nothing should change for existing installations/integrations. But please give us feedback if you notice any compatibility issues with your setup.

Additionally Beta FW 2.2.2 contains some updates to time handling which should fix problems with the new hashed token.


my bridge shows

firmwareVersion “1.11.4”
wifiFirmwareVersion “1.2.0”
uptime 71
currentTime “2019-04-21T17:25:01+00:00”
serverConnected true

What does FWVersion and WifiFWversion mean?

If I call the bridge with, it seems the bridge isn’t updating to a newer firmware.

1.11.4 is the latest public Firmware for our Bridge. (1.20 is just the firmware version for the wifi-stack; the quite similar version number here should not confuse you as it is not really relevant for our firmware-updates!)

If you can’t receive updates this means your Bridge is not part of our Beta program.
For joining it please follow the instructions found at:

Update: Bridge firmwares 2.2.3 and 1.12.2 are now available and contain a small fix for time handling at bridge restart.

Habe Beta für Bridge beantragt, geht aber noch nicht.

After being added to the Beta group the bridge updates to the latest Beta firmware when it checks for updates with our server the next time. The bridge does this 1 hour after restart and then every following 24 hours.