Firmware 2.13.6 Door sensor not working anymore

my Nuki 2 Lock did an automatic update this night to Firmware 2.13.6. Since then the door sensor does not work any more. A recalibration failed with “magnet in wrong position”. But this magnet is in this position since two years and worked without any problems.
Would be a good thing for april 1st - publishing a firmware with brakes door sensor functionality with release notes stating “Bugfix for integrated door sensor” :grinning:

Update: After removing the batteries I was able to do a calibration, but the sensor still always reports the door as open and does not change the status


Hi there,
i just signed up here to confirm, was rather grumpy when i noticed this.

And basically can confirm everything @Mike_CGN said.
But other then him, after taking out the batteries and doing a recalibration it started working again.

Lucky you :slight_smile:
I did several recalibrations and after a calibration the sensor works for a few seconds - means it shows the correct state. But after a while it reports the door as always open, regardless of how often I open and close it. And before this Firmware Update the sensor worked flawlessly. So please Nuki, provide a patch or a solution for a firmware downgrade


WIll try it out now, not that i’m too happy too soon

EDIT: Still working :slight_smile: