Fermax 3311 | Open door without a ring

Im using the opener on a Fermax 3311, which usually can just open the door after someone ring the bell.
At the Fermax 3311 itself there is a feature to open the door also without a person rings (push the video botton for 3 seconds, afterward the screen turns on and than the door can be open pushing the open button).
Is there any possible to integrate This feature for the opener too? As a prerequisite the opener should be able to emulate the signal of pressing the video button three seconds, Im not sure if this is technically possible by design).

The second question is how it’s possible to get the “open” button back in the app, because it looks like the opener recognise that a ring is needed to open the dort automatically at every firmware update, so the open button disappears and just ring to open is available. personally I prefer to have the option to trigger the „open“ manually at the app too - e.g. if ring to open was not active and the bell is pushed the door could be open pressing the „open button“ in the app. Currently, without the open button, I have to wait für 30 seconds (until the Display at the Fermax tunes off again), than activate ring to open and at last press the bell one more time.

I know that it’s possible to reconfigure the opener (declining the question of a ring is needed to open the door) afterwards ring to open and open are available again, but just until the theft update.

King regards,