Fast batteries depletion


I replaced the original Nuki batteries to new alkaline batteries, as recommended by the support team, after few days of using it. However, with the new batteries I recived battery warning after two days ( see attached screen shot). Can you detect any issue from the screen shot? I will now try lithium to see if the problem appears

If you scroll up on the screen: Is the battery type correctly shown as Alkaline?

Does the critical = yes go away a few minutes after the last lock action? If yes, you should try the latest beta firmware, which contains a fix for this behaviour.


Thx for your reply. I already installed the 2.40 due to RM connection issues…In 1 hour I will be close to the device and try to observe the screen again/reply , as at the moment I am offline- most likely due to batteries issues…

Hello again

I didn’t show alkaline - but Litium. I changed it manually and replaced the batteries to new alkaline from Duracell. Please see screen shot after replacement…what do you think?

  1. Both sets of alcalines are good. Just make sure that the proper battery type is set.

  2. Some alcaline batteries initially behave like lithiums, but they quickly fall back to alcalines (which is why you got the warning). However the current detection algorithm does only run during reboots of the smart lock. We’ll have a look at a change in this behaviour.

Thanks for posting the reports so far. Which batteries did you use that were erroneously detected as lithium? (EAN code or exact product type)


I used alkaline from Duracell. Currently i replaced them with same type and setup the type manualy.

However, I am planning start using the Lithium-energizer. I will track the status and inform you as soon as anything is going to be changed in the next few days.


If i go to that screen i don’t see any information about lifetime or else. Where can i find such info?

@fvhuizen This is only used for debugging. You have to tap 7 times at the info text (below the battery headline) to show those details.

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