Farfisa EX352


I just got an Opener, and although the intercom model I have wasn’t listed, I figured I’d give it a try anyways, worst case I’ll give the Opener to a friend who was looking to buy one.

I have the Farfisa EX352, but unlike the other Farfisa models I can see in the app, this seems to be a bus-based model instead of an analogue one. According to the wiring diagram I have, the four ports inside the handset are:

  • LM / LM: Line inputs (two identically labeled ports)
  • A1: Floor call positive input
  • GN: Floor call negative input

The actual wiring is a set of twisted pairs (looks like an Ethernet cable), with the brown pair being connected to LM/LM, and the orange pair to A1/GN. Since the other headset I have (with video capability) is only connected to LM/LM, I’m guessing that’s the bus ports.

Unfortunately, I get the “does not comply with the standard” error no matter which way I connect it to LM/LM. If I connect to A1/GN, I get to the point where the app asks i tti to press the door unlock button, but it times out waiting for me to do so, even though I press it (probably since the button doesn’t do anything unless someone has called?).

Is there anything else I can try before I give the Opener to a friend?

Hello @foophoof did you come to any conclusion with this indoor unit? I have the same problem and would like to know if you could solve it in another way. Thanks.

@foophoof Did you get a chance to make it work? Thank you!