Error Code: FE

Can not complete the installation.
This message appears after I have already connected with the SmartLock and when I have to select the type of door in the exterior side.
I restarted, turned off and on the Bluetooth, remove the Smart Lock batteries and tried the whole process again. No way…

Please contact our support at or via phone for direct help on tracking down the issue.
What you can do beforehand is activate debug mode (via menu/help) on the App before trying again as they will most probably need those details to see what causes the error (as to my knowledge this should not happen at this stage at all).

This forum is focused on developer related issues.


I do have the same problem. I am going for a business trip tomorrow, I counted a lot on this lock, I’m really disappointed, no phone number does not work to reach you …

Support number(s) on the website should work. Please retry.
Sorry, I can’t easily help debugging this on the fly and support team is not acting in this developer forum.

Had the same problem. After reset of the lock, installation went flawless to the end.