Error 0 by installing

Dear all,

I just wanted to install Nuki 2.0. Calibration procedure starts, door locks, unlocks and then it comes Error (0) with the hint “try again” and “install again”.
I am very sure that installation is correct, as I am actually replacing my old Nuki. What could be the cause?

Please contact our support at or via phone for direct help with your installation.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Hello Stephan, it is somes very tough to distinguish what’s relevant for developers. Is a bug (or unexpected behaviour) in the latest released version, of interest for developers or you would rather like to get feedback on Alpha and Beta versions here and released versions are handled by support?

Why not make the forum registration moderated where anyone registering MUST write down their intention of joining? IMHO, this should help you differentiate the “Nuki doesn’t work for me” vs “I want to help Nuki improve their products” group.

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Yes, it’s hard for us too to draw the line! :wink:

The main point we have to separate cases here is if a report needs more detailed feedback and direct interaction to judge what the real reason behind an error is; these cases are always better solved directly with the support (first).

Interesting idea anyway to moderate registration!