Eratic logs behavior

Hi everyone,

I had a curious behavior on two of my Nuki Combo saturday : logs appear but nothing was made on the smartlock itself. I explain :
We spot on the logs that there was activity such as Manual locking/unlocking operation and Manual (button) operation on the two smartlock, at nearly the same time (14:19 for the first, 14:20 for the second one).
We checked the security cameras in and out of theses two doors and nothing was happening. No one is using the smartlock at all.
Also, we ended up without any logs at all for an entire day on these two smartlocks (total blackout on sunday and we know that the locks were used).

More on our configuration :

  • Our two smartlocks (#10 and #11) are connected to the same bridge (#b1)
  • We have two other smartlocks (#12 and #13), also connected to their bridge (#b2) that had not this kind of behavior (or maybe its have a bizarre behavior, but didn’t notice it for now)
  • These two bridges are connected to the same WIFI and the same electric socket line
  • We’re investigating on this, but it don’t seems that we had an electric or wifi shutdown during the period of log blackout.
  • Our technician had change the battery of the #10 smartlock only the day we had this kind of problem.
  • Auto Lock was supposed to be active. (it is activated/deactivated several times per days programaticaly depending of the context)
  • From what we know, our building isn’t haunted and we don’t have ghosts :-).

Is this something that you already notice?
I think that something happen to the bridge #b1 as the smartlocks #10 and #11 are facing the same inconsistencies. So maybe there’s thing I missed about logs and bridge, such as asynchronous log pulling that end in mistakes or charge problems due to high concurrency (it is not impossible that we have more than 1 request/seconds sometimes) ?

I’m using Nuki on 7 smaartlocks since more than a year and it’s the first time I encounter this.
Thanks for your help!
Anthony -

We had server problems over the weekend affecting some user. They should have been fixed in the meantime. Please observe if you still experience the problem. If yes, please contact customer support.