Energy saving setup in opener in 1.9.3 firmware

my opener has recently been updated to version 1.9.3 and I can no longer find the energy saving options, the one that sets the frequency with which the opener connects via bluetooth.
Has it been deleted or simply moved to another place in the app?
Thank you,

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We’re looking into it on iOS - the settings is available under “Features & Configuration” → “Battery”.

Thanks Stefan,
As reported in the attached picture, in Android I couldn’t find this item in the menu you suggest,


Hi Gianluigi, thanks for verifying it!

The issue will be fixed with the next iOS app release, and is already fixed in the current Android beta (2022.11.1).

Thanks for your support!

HI @gianluigi.proserpio , with the Nuki iOS/Android app release 2022.11.1 this issue is resolved.

Hi Stefan,
it works! Thanks.
There is another little issue.
If I set the Ring to open - continuos mode, the switch on the right won’t be activated after the setting. I need to reenter in the menu to see the flag switched on.