Door sensor history log and push notifications

I’m considering to buy a Nuki for a renting apartment.
I know that the Nuki app has an history log for open/close door events.

  1. Will it be recorded if the physical key has been used externally to open the door? Is it based on the door sensor? My current lock works from both sides (with both keys entered) but they don’t rotate together, if it can make any difference.
  2. Can I receive a push notification WHENEVER the door was opened? Either by using a physical key, using a PIN code or a smartphone?

Thank you.

If your keys turn not in sync the Nuki Smart Lock can not notice openings with the key from the outside, so you will have no log entries for that and additionally have the problem that the Smart Lock will still think it is locked!
The door sensor will still work and notify of opened doors (can be activated in activity log and for push notifications), but as mentioned before the unnoticed opening with the key (and therefore wrong lock state) can lead to issues, why we do not recommend this setup.

See our installation check.

The installation check only asks
“Can you unlock the door from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside?”

Which in my case it is “yes”.
What issues could happen if the physical key is used?

Thanks for the feedback; this may be really not clear enough.

If you unlock from outside, the Smart Lock will still think that is is locked (even opening the door with activated door sensor will not change that!) as it checks the position based on the key turning! So if you e.g. press the button inside afterwards, it will try to unlock (instead of lock which would be correct). So you would have to recalibrate it every time after you manually locked it to have it working as expected…

Ok I guess Nuki wouldn’t work for me unless I change the cylinder.

Newbie question. Does a cylinder have an external and an internal side? Or they are actually the same?