Door Lock Mottura and Fermax 9405

Hi, I just bought a Nuki Smart Lock pack with Brideg and the Nuki opener.
My door lock is Mottura but I have managed to operate the Nuki Smarth Lock in this lock and I will explain how.

This would be useful for the following Mottura models

MOTTURA 620,631, 401,35012, 35325, 34353, 411. The latter is the one that I have.

When ordering I ordered the EVVA knob adapter, CES (green).
Remove the wheel that has the lock, inside the door of this type of locks. (It has a small screw in the wheel, to be able to unscrew and remove)

We put the green adapter in the cylinder that we discovered after removing the wheel from the lock and use the Nuki B plate, to stick it on the lock. We take one of the screws on plate A and match one of the adapter holes with the hole in the lock cylinder and the screw. All that remains is to place the Nuki and adjust it and we already have our Nuki installed in a Mottura lock. I hope this serves more users because Mottura locks are not on your list and are compatible.

Now I want to ask if the Nuki Opener would be compatible with a Fermax 9405 with two cables, I have looked through different forums and they do not clarify anything, as other users in Spain say they are the most used and the Mottura locks too, I hope answer and that someone can help me.

Sorry, I wanted to put pictures of the process of how to install the Nuki Smarth Lock in the Mottura lock, but the web tells me that I can only upload a photo because I am a new user. I leave you for now a photo and if you let me put more later I will put them.