Do my powerpack is broken?

I didn’t had the time to deal with this in the last few weeks, then if memory serve me well I also opened a ticket from the assistance page of the IOS app (when it was working from remote after the damn 2023.10.1 update that take me out of my config) then Nuki never reply.

I bought pretty much less than a year ago this powerpack.

I used to be very satisfy ot it, I just recharged it two times and the first time he get 99 per cent of recharge before it started to blink indicating the charge was complete and it lasted for pretty four months. Even better the second time: I got 100 per 100 recharge and it lasted six stunning months!

Last time, it was two month ago, USING THE SAME EQUIPMENT (same charger), I was unable to even charged it after 60 per cent after like two or three times try! At the third time, when I installed it, the app said che charge was just 38 per cent, few ours after said it was 84.

Now after two month of work the app said it is 18 per cent.

There is something wrong. Should I ask for replace? I directly bough from Nuki during a promo timeframe.

PS: a battery report from the app (when it was working from remote after the damn 2023.10.1 update) never completed.

In my opinion, you are better off with the plain pencil battery. I don’t know if you can buy a plastic holder for the pro version. I used to use the pro version, I didn’t like the rechargeable batteries, the plain one is better. :sunglasses: