Detect door closed from inside and outside

Is there a way to detect if the door was close from the inside or the outside? In both possible cases: by using the keypad or a physical key.

No. There is currently no way to detect the difference between opening from the outside or inside.

If you consider the Keypad to always be on the outside this could be accounted in though, but this is up to your interpretation.

Hi @MatthiasK thanks for your prompt reply!
What do you mean if the keypad is outside it can be accounted? Is there a different code when the door is closed using the keypad?

There are different possible settings for the Keypad:

  • You can assign any lock action to a Keypad to be done when entering a valid code: unlock, lock, unlatch, toggle (i.e. unlock if locked and lock if unlocked) etc.
  • Additionally you can set the back-button to always lock the Smart Lock

For the last case this creates an unique log entry.

Everything else you can not distinguish.

What I meant was that a Keypad is normally installed on the outside; but it still could be used from the inside.

How do I get the information from the API? I tried to find it but I have no idea what to look for.
I am looking for a possibility to make homebridge or openHAB to start a couple of actions like turning off the lights etc. when the lock is locked by pressing the back-button…

You can get the doorState in the Bridge API and the Web API.
Last user is only available in the Web API, so with the Bridge API the above described workflow to determine “outside” or “inside” use would only work for lock’n’go actions.