Delays for entry logs via API with Nuki Smart Hosting enabled

I open this topic as it was suggested by nuki support. Here we go :slightly_smiling_face:

I am now subscribed to Nuki Smart Hosting. Can you please confirm to me:

  1. Where is the log data (entries, incidents etc) stored? In the lock or in a data center with you?
  2. When I query a lock via the API (and the lock is Nuki Smart Hosting enabled), will a query be sent to the lock itself (I use 2.0, 3.0 and 3.0pro)? If no, at what interval is the lock sending data to nukiweb? Or is lock activity always sent to nuki web in real time?
  3. How long is this data stored for? 6 months because of Nuki Smart Hosting?

I ask, as I am looking to develop an app that inquires when my cleaners (who have their own code) come and go. If the data is stored in the lock and I query it several times per day, my guess is that I will drain the battery fast.

Hi Jens,

Let me answer your questions:

  1. The log data is stored on the Smart Lock itself
  2. Yes, the API request is directed to the Smart Lock. Nuki Web synchronizes this data as well via Webhooks and every 24h.
  3. The Smart Locks stores the last 300 entries (lock action, FW Update, door sensor state if enabled, etc.). In Nuki Web you will be able to see the past 6 months (with Nuki Smart Hosting). However you can always download the entries from the activity log.

In your specific case I would recommend to work with Webhooks. You can receive an update every time an activity log is created. With that you can query if a certain Keypad code was used.