Critical issue with Nuki 2.0!

This Friday morning the Nuki 2.0 (FW 2.4.0) opened the front door while unlocking the front door via time control! This is a very critical issue for me and must not happen!

Yesterday morning the unlocking of the front door (without opening) still worked perfectly. In between the Nuki was not operated manually. See screenshot below.

My attempts after that (with debug mode enabled) have shown that the Nuki turns the key almost exactly 90 degrees too less than before. When unlocking, however, the Nuki makes two full turns, which pulls the trap and opened the door. This was reproducible.

Even when I manually turned the key 90 degrees more after locking it with Nuki (90 degrees too less), the Nuki opened the front door afterwards (810 degrees). The video shows what I mean.

First when I locked and unlocked the front door several times manually, the Nuki now works as before. Without recalibration!

So, what happened?

I am totally disappointed with the new Nuki 2.0. I found so many bugs and reported them (some have been fixed, others not yet). I was enthusiastic about Nuki 1.0, but today my trust is broken.

If you need more information (e.g. debug log, screenshots of the battery report) please let me know.
BTW: The battery report always shows “Aufgesperrt” even if the last operation was “Zugesperrt” (iOS 2.1.0 (1099)).


Yes, please send logs and screenshots to so our team can take a deeper look into what happened.

Done. I hope for a plausible and profound answer.

This issue is not new with SL 2.0. I faced this issue 2-3 times SL 1.0. I had sent the Log at that time, but didn’t hear anything back. I did a reset, new calibration and added the timer again and the issue did not pop-up after that. But it was indeed scary to find the door fullly open in the mornings.

One week later. No answer or informations. :slightly_frowning_face: