Connect more locks to only one gateway

Is possible to connect 4 locks to only one gateway and manage all doors by the app with one gateway or I need 4 gateway?

Generally its possible to pair multiple locks with one Bridge but you have to take care of Bluetooth range.

If they are all in BLE range of the gateway (~10m) it should work. But if you have them all in one app the reaction time will be slower than having only one lock on the gateway, because the app always contacts all 4 locks to read the state when you open it which creates more traffic on the bridge.

It would be nice to improve this. May also have group favorites. I have 4 devices on one bridge and three on the other bridge.
How will the app works with 4 bridges and max. 2 devices. Will this faster?

The app queries all Smart Locks for its state when it’s opened (from top down in order of the list on the screen). The bridge connects to one Smart Lock after the other and requests the state.

If you have 4 Smart Locks on one bridge and Smart Lock 3 is far away and slow to respond, the status request to Smart Lock 4 is also delayed. If you place them on separate bridges Smart Lock 3 can not slow down Smart Lock 4. If you change the order in the app (Drag&Drop), you can also change the order in which your Smart Locks are queried. If you have a lot of Smart Locks (e.g. for professional use) it might make more sense to use the mobile front end of Nuki Web instead of the Nuki App to manage your devices with your Smartphone.