Configure Auto Unlock

Dear community,
I am using the latest public (non-beta) version for the SmartLock 2.0, Bridge and Opener. My Wife and I, we are both using the auto-unlock feature which sometimes work, but often it does not. We are living nearby the entrance of our apartment building which means the way from entrance to our flat is quite short. As a result we are often too fast and we have to wait until one of our phones connects to the lock.

The main problem comes when e.g. my wife becomes inpatient and she manually unlocks the door with her key. In nearly 90% of those cases we will enter our flat, close the door and within the next few minutes you can be sure that the auto unlock will be triggered. This is super annoying and it also happened once that we went directly upstairs and recognized only the next morning that auto unlock opened the door and it was open the whole night.

Question: is there any chance to set/increase an auto unlock filter? So when the lock was opened (manually, by another auto unlock or manually with the app) that auto unlock will be disabled by a configurable time frame? For me a window of e.g. 20 minutes should be save enough without impacting usability of auto unlock.