Clear activity log / delete specific entries

Please can someone explain how to clear the activity log or at least delete specific entries?

There are a number of erroneous entries dated 15.12.1959 that need to disappear.


Unfortunately you can not clear single events in the activity log.
Those are continuously stored at the device itself and only start overwriting the oldest one as the storage limit is reached.
The Nuki App retains the order sent by the device and so keeps showing the events in the order they have been stored even if the timestamps are invalid.

Such dates should not exist in the first place. When did you notice them and did it already fix itself?

Thanks for the reply.

I actually noticed this a few months ago but I didn’t get round to posting - I have been more focused on trying to convince the Nuki team to fix the Opener multiple doors issue :slight_smile:

I have just logged in to check again - the entries are still there. Three of them have the error “device busy” next to them.

Is there a way to clear the entire log?


Those entries are normally overwritten over time, as they are stored in order and then overwritten from the oldest first.
You can not delete them, just deactivate or factory reset the complete device.