Changing batteries - again

I noticed that after two months the lock operations had gone slow again. I took several seconds to open or close the lock. The app had sent no warning, but checking from it I found that the battery status was critical. I took the old batteries out and noticed that one of them was finished, the second one had maybe 20% of juice and the rest two 50%. A pattern that repeats itself.

So I changed the new Duracell Ultra alkalines in and the fun part started again: Nuki locked up, but refused to open using the app. So I manually opened it. After that Nuki reported a wrong status telling it was locked when it in reality was open. I calibrated, optimized, run the door sensor routine, a couple times, but nothing helped. If I managed to close the lock, after 30 seconds it opened up automatically. Removing the battery case and putting it back did nothing good, nor did any other trick. So, once again I had to make the factory reset and start everything from zero.

Nuki is not for faint hearted. It has a mind of its own. It occasionally locks up when the door is open or doesn’t lock up when closing the door or closes it only after 30 secs. I’m smart enough not to try any smart things. Nuki needs continuous supervision and maintenance to work. One positive thing though: the keypad has worked every time letting us in.

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