Change WiFi through Web API

Hello everybody,

In a student project, I am currently working with my fellow students on a web application that addresses the Nuki lock 2.0 via the web API. In this project, we want to install the Nuki lock on a box, which can then be opened via the web application. So far everything went well. Now we have encountered a problem. We would like the box to be portable so that we can move it to another house.
Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way yet, to change the set wifi (wifi setting) via the Web API, without using the native Nuki app and going through the configuration process.
Is there a way to reconfigure it via the Web API without using the native app and having to go through the entire configuration process again with the WiFi bridge? Or is there an easy way to implement this configuration step yourself in your own app?
We look forward to an answer and hope you can help us!

Best regards,
Lena & student team

You can’t change the wifi settings through an API.

The best options you have are:

Okay, thank you for the fast response and the tipp with the hotspot!