Change the auto update time

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Nuki 2.0 + Bridge


Every few weeks I hear the lock rotate in the middle of the night. I’m guessing this is because of an automated update. Although I like the automated update feature, I don’t like to be woken at night by a loud locking sound :wink:


Let me set the auto update time.


Because I like my sleep.

Hi Stephan,

there is no motor-driven action after an update. What does the activity log say, which action did the Smart Lock perform at this time? To view the activity log, open the Nuki app, tap on the Smart Lock > Settings > Activity log.

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Hi Kerstin,

Okay that’s weird. When it happens next time, I’ll check the activity log and post the log here.



Hm, this is strange. After every manually triggered FW update so far (I did not know there is an auto update for this?!), my Nuki lock locks and unlocks the door?!

I think where was some missunderstanding:

  • Smart Lock Firmware updates can currently only be triggered manually from the Nuki App and finish with a position detection.
  • There are no automatic updates for the Smart Lock (next to security reasons also to avoid unmonitored motor action).
  • If you still see unwanted locking actions please provide logs to our customer support.
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Yesterday evening at 01:00 I again had the unlocking of my door. It seems to be caused by HomeKit, which is weird because I have no scenes or automations that trigger an unlock. Only scenes or automations that lock.