Can't pair NUKI version 2 with my phone


Just received the lock and Installed it successfully. I’m trying to pair the lock with my phone without success.
I pressed the button for 5 second and the light turned on. The app started searching for the lock but didn’t find it. The light turned off after 6 seconds.
Phone Bluetooth is turned on.
When I go to the phone’s Bluetooth menu, I seen the lock.

I have Google Pixel 3 xl with Android Pie

Any help would be appreciated

Pairing mode should stay active longer than 6 seconds. :thinking:
And even if you see it in the active BLE devices a restart of the Bluetooth stack of your phone (activate/deactivate plane mode or just restart) can sometimes help.

Else I can just ask you to please contact our support via phone or at for direct help.

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