Cannot save static IP configuration in iOS App

Me again. :slight_smile:

When trying to save the attached static IP configuration in the current 2.5.3 iOS beta, I receive an error message telling me that the IP configuration is invalid (immediately after submitting, it doesn’t even try to connect). Password is obviously filled, it’s just hidden in the screenshot. Same happens when I add leading zeros to the IPs (“”). I’m pretty sure this is a valid configuration – may I ask you to double check? Thanks!

Same with Nuki “stable” iOS App, with Beta 2.6.0 and 2.6.1…

Overall Nuki was probably a bad buy, a provider of security-related systems where you can’t even assign static IP (in addition to countless 503 errors).

Hi, same here and support says I have to wait for a new iOS app beta to get this working…
I am on latest app version and firmware… Support first advised to install beta iOS app, and then corrected and said it is not yet repaired in the app and they will revert back to me once it is implemented.
In this forum in another thread:

they mention that it only applies to bridge FW 2.x, but I am affected on bridge FW 1.x
Really annoying, because static IP in any home automation system should not a problem…

Why don’t you let your Router assign a fixed IP?

Because i need to use a Speedport Hybrid (DSL and mobile Internet) and this on can’t assign a “static” IP via DHCP.
Shouldn’t be a problem at all because in every noname Chinese network product you can assign a static IP - just not with Nuki, the security champs…

Same here. Dozen of Mails.
Me: Can’t assign static IP
Support: Can’t be
Me: Sending Screenshot
Support: oh, does really not work
Support: install latest iOS beta and it will work
Me: installing latest beta (2.6.0) - same problem
Me: sending screenshot with 2.6.0 to support
Support: oh yes does not work. Wait for next beta or use Android
Me: wtf
Me: Installing next beta (2.6.1) - same problem

Nuki - best support team of the year…

Sounds like my story…
Maybe @joshuajung will share his solution (if he has any) as there does not seem any feedback for his post in the forum. Don’t wanna install betas for a security device.

We ended up setting static IPs for the bridges in the DHCP server, which was an acceptable workaround for us.

I didn’t get to try it yet (and probably won’t), but the newest iOS Beta claims to solve this issue, see APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.6.2-Beta.

Even Beta 2.7.8 is not working when setting the device for the first time, but I was able to set the static ip clicking “Manage my devices” from main menu, select “Bridge” and then click “Manage Bridge”; on the new page click “Server” and there you’ll be able to change network settings.