Calibration , unlock and unlatching question

My lock uses 360 degree only.
When calibrating (both open and closed door), first unlatch works, then on lock the lock travels all the way (fully locked) but the unlock doesn’t travels back all the way. The door is still unlocked but the lock itself doesn’t fully unlocked.
Is it supposed to be like that?
Now after calibrating, same behaviour lock goes all the way but unlock doesn’t.

In addition, when performing open door, the lock goes full way, unlatching but after unlatching the motor still rotate little to go to “neutral” position.
Why? Without nuki when unlatching you don’t need to rotate by hand afterwards, just leave the hand and the spring returns the lock to neutral.
So I expect same behaviour from nuki. after unlatching motor should not work (and make noise) to go to neutral, but simply release the clutch, and the lock should go to neutral by the spring.

Is it supposed to be like that, or caused by calibration issue??