Calibration issue not fully unlocked

I tried many similar questions without any answer!! I demand answer or nuki goes to garbage.
When calibrating lock travels fine, but on way back it’s missing 9 degree.
No jammed motor though.
If I try manually position using the slider, I try unlock -9 the travel is fine but then motor block (stiff).
So several issues here

  1. Why calibration doesn’t go the same travel of lock to unlock. It doesn’t. What’s the logic here who knows???
  2. Why custom calibration make the motor blocked?? Why clutch doesn’t engage?? Again no point of custom calibration if clutch doesn’t sync.
  3. Why there is no option to debug and see endpoints set on calibration?? This way user can see the endpoint for lock and endpoint for unlock and can understand more the issues!!!
  4. For god sake, can anyone reply if the short travel of unlock is feature this way to reduce travel and battery or is it a bug!!!

Last time Im trying to get answer. DO NOT SEND ME TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, THEY KNOW NOTHING BESIDES REINSTALL APP. What’s app for to do with it??? Stop with these nonsense tech support.
I demand answer from the tech guys …
See link to videos