Bug: Opening the door while switching between LTE / WLAN and Bluetooth = opens 10 minutes later, again

I realized a critical bug I wanted to share.

Scenario: We live on the 6th floor, so I take the elevator. I have a stable LTE connection in the elevator, but as soon as arrive at the 6th floor it changes within seconds to the WLAN connection.
Simultaneously, as soon as the elevator door opens at the 6th floor, I swipe to let Nuki open the door already - via the bridge.

Nothing happens.

Few seconds later, when I walk around the corner and arrive in front of the door, I try it again, this time it does not need the bridge anymore (LTE or WLAN) because it works directly via Bluetooth. Plus, just to note: my WLAN is already stable in front of the door.

The door opens directly, once I swipe.

However, around 10 minutes later, the information arrives to the Nuki that I tried to open the door and opens the door again - so from my first try.

This is such a critical bug that there must be a security system behind, like: Trying to open a door is only valid for 30-60 seconds - so the difference between sent the request from phone with a time stamp and doing the action within the Nuki.

It is a very weird experience when the door opens randomly after 10 minutes every time when the 1st try directly after the elevator opens on the 6th floor did not work.

I hope the support will read that and take that serious.

The Nuki system usually has a TTL of ~10s for lock actions. Older actions should not be queued up. Maybe you have a specific scenario that creates your problem.

Support will not look in this forum because this is for developers only. Therefore please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support). This will create the necessary logs for them to analyse it. Thank you!