BUetooth bridge connection dropped

Lock firmware 2.7.10. Double locks on the same door. Bridge connection setup ok. Locks detected. Web app working. SLs status ok. Block commands successful. Unblock failed. Then bluetooth connections between bridge and SLs dropped. WiFi connection between bridge and router ok (ping ok). ALWAYS. Distance between bridge and SLs 1mt.


I am not 100% sure I can follow all the steps you describe, but best would be to contact our customer care (via https://nuki.io/en/support-request/, phone or contact@nuki.io) anyway, as they can directly guide through all steps to find the cause of your issue.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

I got NO VALID SUPPOR WHATSOEVER for this topic although I exchanged tenths of messages. I am an university professor of the subject and I should get more attention. I know what I’m saying. I used the developer forum as a last resort.