Bridge or API

Good day,

I would like to create a simple “Open Door” button located on a web page. Clicking the button should unlock a Nuki smartlock, paired with a Bridge.

I paired the Nuki smart lock with the Bridge, enabled the API Quick Discovery option as well as the HTTP API options in the Bridge section of the Nuki App and can see the Bridge ID, IP address, Port and API token. I also enabled the Nuki web option which gave me access to the website where the e API tokens etc can be found.

Given what we would like to achieve, should we be using the Bridge API ( or the Nuki Api ( ?

As an aside … do you have to be on the same network as the Bridge to be able to access it through it’s url? For example attempting to run any of the examples shown in the Bridge documentation, such as http://192…URL SHOWN IN APP/list?token=BRIDGE_TOKEN returns " This site can’t be reached" or “Host unreachable” when Pinged

Thank you for your advice and feedback

If you already got a Nuki Bridge the easiest way to do it is the Bridge API.

Did you check the IP of the Bridge in the Bridge management. With the correct IP you should be able to ping the device as well as send Bridge API commands (when it is activated!).