Bridge does not connect to internet


I have recieved my Nuki Combo 2.0 yesterday (Amazon.FR) and installed the lock. The Smart Lock works OK localy but I can’t seem to get the Bridge to function properly. When I set the bridge up I everything appears ok during setup, including the wifi network. Then I get a screen shows that the bridge is connected to the server and to the lock but when I turn off the BT, I get an offline screen. When entering bridge settings again, I see there is no internet connection (no connection to server). My bridge FW is 2.3 and I can’t seem to update the firmware. (I am not in any Beta program).
I should mention that I have many devices connected to wifi including echo dot so I can rule out internet issues.
I was able to update the firmware of the Smart lock and keypad but not with the bridge.

Help would be much appreciated before I return it to Amazon :frowning:

The bridge updates the firmware automatically after its been connected to the server for ~1h. So just leave it plugged in.

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