BPT BUS Isn't supported by Nuki Opener?!?!

Is Nuki thinking of adding support for all the BPT intercoms using BUS?
I checked compatibility for my intercom on the website where it said it was compatible.
Now that I’ve received the opener, it has compatibility but only with the analogic version not the digital one.
My model is a BPT Agata VC200 (Digital, not analogic) but i see people here on the forum with other models from bpt that use bus that also don’t get support.
Is Nuki planing on add support for these devices?
I feel so disappointed I thought it would just work, but actually so far was just a waste of money.
I’ve tried generics but none of the models seems to work…


Same problem here. Nuki support please help

Hi guys. Any updates on this. Checking for my Opale BPT (bus based) intercom.

Hi! Have you tried to set it up as generic bus!?