Basic info for request door code

Hello to everyone, I am an IT manager and I want to integrate the Nuki system to our hotel software.
I read API doc, but I have some basic confusion.

lets make an example:

  • a customer will ask a reservation to my hotel from to room X (door X) from 1 december 2020 to 10 december 2020
  • before coming to me, 14days before 1 december, I need to send the code for open the door that will be valid from 1 december 2020 (14:00 time) until 10 december 2020 (13:59 time)


  • do I have to generate first a code for door X that will be valid from 1 dec to 10 dec?, or automatically I can just get a code from that interval and NUKI is automatically generating a code?
  • can I generate multilples codes with different intervals from the same door? example (from 1 november to 20 november, than another 1 december to 10 december, …)

many thanks for any help, it would be really helpfull for me to understand what kind process of API do I have to integrate for our system.

best regards.

Just to clearify:

By “code” do you mean a Keypad code or an Nuki invite code for an authorization?

In both cases you can create it at any time with a start/end date of the validity in the future. For invite codes (for the Nuki App) you only have to keep in mind that they have to be redeemed by the receipient within 48 hours.

The Smart Lock 2.0 can store up to 200 authorizations and (additionally) 100 Keypad codes (if a Keypad is connected) at the same time.