Back to the future feature ;-)

Hi guys,
I’ve searched in other topics but I don’t find what I like to do with nuki. Do you think is it possible to obtain a feature “similar to back to the future” when nuki opens the door generate a sentence that google home will produce “like :welcome home namexxxx”. It’s a funny feature but we are in the nuki development forum :wink:



Did that with iobroker.
When the door gets unlashed my blinds will open and Alaxa says a nice welcome to tge returning person.

IFTTT and LaMetric Time do the job for me.
Plays a sound and displays the name of the person coming home with Auto-Unlock.

Thanks of course for your answers. I’m interested in IFTTT because I already try to do that job but I was not able. Could you explain me what you set in IFTTT?

You create your own recipe and choose the „Arrive Home“ trigger.

I did It, buy where do you find the action “speak trough Google home”?

You have to figure out that part of the equation yourself. I don‘t own a Google Home.

I have done something like this using IFTTT and Sonos: when the door opens, the Sonos speaker plays a track - in my case a burglar alarm-style “beep beep beep”. You could have a different IFTTT trigger and Sonos track for each person, giving the appearance of a personalised message, though I don’t know what the delays would be. I don’t have Google Home, but I know that Alexa can only be used in the trigger part of an IFTTT applet - it doesn’t accept commands from IFTTT.

Hi Martin,
during these days I made some tests and I see Google home does not accept commands like Alexa. But you know, at the moment there are a lot of integrations, maybe I did not explored the right one. For instance I use home bridge to make communications between Google home and Siri.
I hope some of you has made what I’m trying to do.
Thanks a lot for your post