Autounlock at a certain value

The last update didn’t work so well for me as
something changed with the rssi value settings

We now only have 3 options as shown above

I would like to choose my own value settings like before. This worked perfectly 9 out of 10 times

Now again it is opening way to fast or to late


What value did you have set in the test? (I didn’t get feedback on that from you iirc)

And Smart Lock 1.0 or 2.0?

Hi Stephan,

Value is unknown since I can’t find it anymore
Smart lock is 2.0

But this is not the point every situation is different
I want to choose my own values just like in the beta app

Now with the 3 options that again don’t work for me
I just want my own set of custom values.

Every beta the new added functions works as intended but then when you push them live you make some adjustments we result in again a none working autounlock feature!

It pushes me back to the doorman app everytime wich is completely unnecessary if the nuki app works

In the beta tests the general feedback was that the value is very hard to set “precisely” as it is influenced by so many factors.
So we gathered as much exact data as possible and set up the segments as a way to have the feature accessable for more users with values which worked for 100% of users who gave us feedback.

I will try to see how we could adopt this to also fit your needs.