Auto unlock with ios15 and the new “attention mode”

Hi all, even with attention mode auto-unlock on my iphone 12 with iOS 15.2 doesnt’t work.
It is VERY frustrating.

I have to wait minutes to get into my house with auto-unlock.

I am constantly forced to manually open it.
I am tempted to trash my smart lock.

Everything was fantastic with iOS 14

After 6 months this is becoming UNACCEPTABLE

Ciao Davide, a me funziona bene e anche con iphone di mia moglie. Ti anticipo che comunque è un problema di Ios 15 che affligge tutte le app che richiedono il geofencing. Pare che comunque sia stato risolto con la beta di ios 15.3 come potrai leggere tu stesso all’interno del gruppo di chi ha problemi con Ios 15.
Iscriviti qui Mandando una mail e avrai accesso al gruppo chiuso dove ci sono parecchi utenti che hanno il tuo stesso problema.

No… For example the Home Assistant Companion app works perfectly with geofencing…

It’s a Nuki issue.

You are misinformed. Just do a Google search to find several applications that no longer work with iOS 15 such as PhilipsHue, Honeywell etc. I also leave you the link of the discussions on the Apple forum where you will see that thousands of people, if you search well, have problems with the most varied applications that require the exact and constant position

I would assume, it is a matter how geofencing is implemented. Again… the Home Assistant App works perfectly fine.

Oh wow! My previous post was censored.

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@gioparmy , grazie della risposta, ma il punto è che se iOS cambia sono i developers di terze parti a dover mettere una pezza. Ora sto testando la 15.3, ma da ieri ho dovuto usare auto unlock solo una volta (e ha funzionato, per carità) quindi è troppo presto per dire se il problema è risolto.

@Wintermute , hey, thank you for your input. I feel your frustration. I am sure Apple introduced some sort of change/problem with iOS 15 but it is NUKI that now has to resolve it. Fortunately Homekit works pretty well and I usually solve the auto-unlock failure opening my door from my apple watch.

Cheers guys

Sometimes it works sometimes not. It’s more like “Open Sesame” … will u have the magic?
I’m glad that I have a safety NFC-Tag on my door.

Yeah, REALLY disappointing

Btw: even with iOS 15.3… problem is still there

Auto-Unlock works for most people with the workaround in the lates Nuki App release (Attention Mode).
Furthermore early test show that the bug in iOS 15 seems to be fixed with iOS 15.3.

If you still have problems please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Its not working for me also with the lastest beta(iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15.2, 15.1.1 was the same). On the iPhone 11 pro of my wife it works every time.

Please follow the steps mentioned here: