Auto unlock to open the door

Hi guys,
Do you know if is possible to open the door with auto unlock, not only to unlock it?

The option is automatically set based on your “door fitting” setting.
And you can also override it to your liking in the Auto Unlock Expert settings (which, however, should be treated as such and not changed too lightly :wink: ).

Hi Stephan,
I can found any option to “open” the door in the fitting area, can you give me more details?

In the app go to something called ‘choose doorlock’. There you choose for ‘bar or knob’ instead of ‘doorhandle’. It is possible that in english it is called something else. Mine is in dutch. But i hope it helps you in the right direction.

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In English it is Choose door fittin and if you select Knob or bar it will always(!) unlatch instead of just unlock:

If you want this to be only(!) used for Auto Unlock you can use the expert settings (as mentioned above) at the Smart Lock found settings:

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