Auto Unlock Problema Android Q

I am using Android Beta Q in my Pixel 3 XL and the auto Unlock feature don’t work well. The problem is that the GPS position in Nuki app don’t update correctly. If Google Maps is open in background the GPS updates ok but if its closed not update in Nuki app. The GPS update in the app Any idea?.

The battery optimization is disabled. I have smart lock 2.0


Thanks for the note. I will ask our developers for status on Android Q. Afaik the Q Beta update this week should have some major changes (back?) again so please check this too.

Ok. I look for Android Q Beta 3 this week.

Tests looking good with Beta 3 here on our side. Did you also notice improvements?


I am testing. Yesterday autounlock launched ok but today nothing happens. I test these days and tell you.

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I was testing the autounlock feature in android Q Beta 3 and now the geolocation is ok. The phone detects correctly that I am near the door but nothing happens. Something happens with bluetooth connection. The autounlock launch ok but don’t open the door.

Log file to would appreciated so we can take a look.

I sent you now. Thanks.

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I am using a galaxy s8 and the unlock function of the current available official app works perfekt for me! Thanks!
Zigbee would now be very appreciated :wink:

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