Auto unlock after manual unlock

Don’t know if this is only on beta but the following scenario today with Android App b2.7.6 and standard FW on the door lock: Coming home exiting the elevator 2 m away from my apartment door. Using the key since the auto unlock takes too long as it often does. About ten seconds after I closed the door it suddenly opens again due to auto unlock. This is a massive flaw and has happened to me before when I only realized it when I heard people in the hallway. The door sensor should have noticed and also the lock should have registered the key turning before.


There is a timeout in the Smart Lock that should prevent such cases.

Please contact our support via Support Form - Nuki or as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Hi @Thorsten_G, Hi @Juergen,

Same is happening for me as well. Auto unlock takes up to two minutes although I am in front of the door, nuki app is open. When I then manually open the door (with the app or with the key) nuki will still do the Auto unlock. Sometimes even when the door is still open. This happens usually between 5 seconds and 5 minutes. Very annoying! So at least it doesn’t seem to be an individual problem with 2.7.4.

I will send an email to support.

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Hi all,

Sort of the same here, but with an empty battery.

We arrive at home with an empty phone battery, recharge the phone and then when the phone goes on, the lock unlocks. This also happens when we are both at home and one of us/both of us are already in bed. What if we don’t hear it and the door is open during the night…

Do you need my logs @Juergen ?

Happens to me too, every now and again.

Nuki does not open door (for whatever reason I still need to work out), since just I emptied the letterbox I have my keys at hand and let myself in. A short time thereafter Nuki opens the door :frowning:

Just another of those teething problem which still need to be sorted out which is why I unfortunately always still take a key with me.

Please update to the lastest app version, and contact our support via the in-app help (“Help” → “Contact customer support”). Alternatively, via Support Form - Nuki or, thank you.

The same behavior is replicated also if you open the door via app when the auto unlock function doesn’t work.
In some cases the auto unlock seems is not working and I manually unlock the door via the button on the app.
But after few tens of seconds I entered the house the auto unlock function unlatch the door again, and if I pressed more than once the open door button on the app, because sometimes also the app button doesn’t work, the door unlatch many times consecuently.
Maybe a filter that prevent consecutive unlatches could help.

Happens to me too