Auth without internet connection

Is it possible to use the api without an internet connection?
Idea: after setup the bridge will possibly have no internet connection.
Components on the local network will then call the api to interact with the bridge.

Reasons I ask:
1 strict security policies (firewall isolates bridge)
2 running the system in situations where no internet is available
3 running the solution in LOCATIONS where no internet is available

Initial setup can be done with an internet connection established.

For 2 and 3 I think about mountain lodges where no (reliable) internet connection is available.


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To use the HTTP API you need no internet connection. Auth and operation is done in the local network.

So - if I understand you correctly - all you need is a local WLAN for your usecases (which needs not to be connected to the Internet).

Yes, your are right - just WLAN.
Looking at the documentation I found that I have to connect to the “discovery service” - which is at the Nuki Site.
And there I can enable / disable /auth on the bridge.

And that’s the problem.
Or is it possible to (one time) enable it having the bridge connected to the internet and later only use WLAN. With new “paired” devices I just have to press the button on the bridge - nothing more.

Or can I totally set the bridge up with the app, without any need for the “discovery service”?

By the way - I checked your instructions here: Bridge discovery & HTTP-API activation

This is also a problem at one of my sites. “Devices” are routed to the internet via a separate network.
So the bridge would reach the internet via (just an example) - and “Computers” will reach out via
Internally they can reach each other (on some ports) via local IPs like 192.168… /…

This works here for an example with LIFX bulbs without any problem.

But reading your post I guess this would fail.

And I also think problems may happen if anyone else with my provider (dynamic IPs) also uses the bridge.
Not very likely - at least as long as not a lot of households use the bridge - but in theory any other client from my provider can get “my” IP address just a few hours after I got assigned a new one.


You can manage the Bridge with the Nuki App and so avoid needing the discovery service at all.


Clicking on Server (second Screenshot) will lead you to the Wi-Fi-settings. (When already chosen in initial setup.)

Thank you,

that’s great and exactly what I need.
Now I’ve just to wait for V2 availability:-)


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