App-Url-Scheme doesn't work

I always get an UnknownHostException if I try to open the app by id :frowning:

iOS or Android?

Sorry Android

nuki://id/1ACA F1AB

The Nuki App is installed on the device where you test?

You have to send the ID as DEC (not HEX).

Where can I find the id as Hex?

The error is the same if I try it with name. HostNotFoundException could not resolve host nuki://

1ACAF1AB is the HEX value - which is 449507755 in DEC.

But the problem seems to already occur before that. Are you trying to connect via socket?
You have to use that in a View-Intent.

I tried in a lot of ways:

  • Google Chrome
  • Samsung Browser
  • Tasker --> Http Request
  • Tasker --> Indent

The URL scheme is for other Apps to directly open the Nuki App within Android, so from your listed ways Tasker/Intent sounds like the one that could work (though I have not tested it and am not aware what syntax Tasker expects for this).

But in the documentation you write: “The Nuki Apps register the URL nuki:// which can be called from within a browser or an App.”

Sorry, I will recheck with our developers if everything is correct here.


The current description might be misleading as it is focused on App developers.

To use the APP URL scheme an Android App needs to implement it like e.g.

String url ="nuki://id/1234567";
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(url));

I am not sure if Tasker can handle it correctly.